Mr. Timothy Jenkins

Welcome to MetEast’s official website. This website is evidence of our growth as a school. The students and staff have worked diligently to bring this website to fruition. We’ve designed the website to be a public source of information about MetEast and to provide resources for our school’s stakeholders. Hopefully, you will use the website to stay abreast of our educational programs and upcoming events.

Our staff is second to none and is truly committed to educating each of our students “One at a Time.” As a result, the students are thriving and genuinely benefiting from being in such a caring environment. At MetEast High School, there is a strong emphasis on establishing and sustaining strong relationships between our students, their families, the staff and the community. Together we work to ensure that the vision for our school is realized. We are proud to be a part of the educational renaissance currently taking in Camden.

MetEast is guided by one clear principle: that everything we do is in the best interest of our students. Using the principles of building meaningful relationships, making school work relevant and practicing rigor our goal is to connect the students’ interest to relevant and meaningful learning experiences in the real world. We value families, involve them in the students’ learning process, and urge students to always do their personal best. Come and see MetEast for yourself!

Timothy L. Jenkins